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install Just One Android App Facebook Video Downloader Apk For Download Any Facebook Video in Just one Click. Now a Days This is a Big problem for Facebook users. Facebook not have any Download Video option on Facebook. User Find A Daily New And New Ways To Download Videos.

Facebook Video Downloader Apk Download Android App

Facebook is the world's most loved social media platform, and it's still growing in popularity day by day. In fact, by mid-2015 it had nearly 1.5 million regular monthly users. That could be because of the way it allows users to catch up with their friends, or the way you can like groups or products, but let's face it.

the best thing about Facebook are the videos You are browsing Facebook Like you normally do, And suddenly, you find an interesting video that you Would like to download for offline use? So, what’s the best way to do it? Well, let’s find out. And Also Download Utorrent Pro Apk For Android to Download torrents in Android.

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FB Video Downloader Apk

Features in Facebook Video Downloader For Android

  • Search and browse Facebook Videos, 
  • Download Facebook Video Downloader Apk to Download Facebook Videos to your phones storage or SD card, 
  • Find videos shared by your friends, groups and pages you liked, 
  • Watch downloaded Facebook Videos anytime you want, 
  • Save bandwidth of your plan using Video Downloader for Facebook, 
  • You can find and watch funny and popular videos in And Download in HD Facebook Video Downloader Apk.


Watch Video How Facebook Video Downloader Android App Working

Download Facebook Videos on Computer And smartphone Without Software

In Video Downloader For Facebook Apk You can Download Video in Mobile Now We Can Check Download Facebook Videos in Computer. You don’t have to use any software or online tool.

let’s get started Now, the logic to download anything from the internet is You need to get the link Where that file is stored on the server. And if you can somehow get its server’s URL, Well you easily download that thing.

Now, in case of most website (including Facebook) They don’t show you the link of where the file is stored on this server But, there are apps and online websites Like FB Down and Snaptube, etc that can download Facebook Video from its URL Just like the YouTube videos Now, Although these methods It's biting tedious Because you either has to use an online tool or a dedicated app.

But, the method I’m going to show you now Well, it doesn’t require you to download any software or use a third party tool, And you can use it every computer and even on Android smartphone. Though for iOS, it'll take a bit tricky here is the fix for that as well. So let’s see how to Download Facebook Videos on Computer, Android, and iOS

Facebook Video Downloader Apk
I want to download video from my Facebook feed Now, this video is public But, this trick also works for private videos So, all you have to do is  Right click on the video you want to download And copy its URL to your clipboard Now open new tab, and paste that URL But this time.

replace the www part with m (i.e. open the mobile view) And then play the video for few seconds (now it’s important) that you play the video Or you won’t see the download link) Now stop the video and right on it And there you can see the download video option Click on it and save the video.

Facebook Video Downloader Apk Free Download

How to Download Facebook Video on Android Without Any App

I want to download Facebook video from my news feed (now, here I’m downloading video uploaded from my facebook page Just to avoid copyright issues in future) But obviously, you can do this for any videos. So, tap on the drop-down arrow on the top of the video And copy its URL

Now, open any web browser And paste the URL By default, the URL is of mobile layout only. I.e. but if it’s not, Make sure to replace "www" with "m" And then load the page

Download facebook Videos

Now, one tricky thing here is You have to play the video in fullscreen, and only then you will see the option to download it So do that, And long press on the video You’ll see the download video option. Tap on that, and that’s it. The Facebook video will be downloaded to your video or download folder of your devices.

How to Download Facebook videos on iPhone or iPad

You, Cant, Install Facebook Video Downloader For Android Apk in Your iPhone Now, the problem with iOS is When you play a video, it opens them in their native video player app And there you cannot long press to download it. So, we’ll have to use the Online video downloader service like down or keep vid, etc.

Download Facebook VIdeos in Iphone

But, even that doesn't work right out of the box in iOS Because you know it's the Apple ecosystem So, here is what you need to do. Copy the video URL Then open any third party file browser like File master or something Now, keep vid in the file browser, go to browser section And open any online video download As keepvid.

keepvid supported sites

Paste the URL of the Facebook video here And top on the download button. Make sure you don’t tap the ads because the website like these are full of many Once the processing is done Tap on video (the good thing here is, you have the option to download the video in normal and HD version)

And there you’ll see the pop-up to download it. Tap on ok to confirm it And there you go, The video will appear in the download folder of the file manager app.