How to Add Music To Snapchat Android And IOS

If you're not using How to Add Music To Snapchat Android And IOS yet you're missing out on a huge opportunity to connect with your audience and to build your brand. So first, I'm going to give you a quick tutorial on how to use Snapchat and then I'm going to Tell you How to Add Music To Your Snapchats.

How to Add Music To Snapchat Android

Open up Snapchat and go to the little ghost up here, it'll show you who's added you recently, your score, your username, how to find friends with search and also how you can find your contacts. If you click on the arrow on the bottom that'll bring you back to the camera, so we'll do a really boring snap of my couch, there we go and if you swipe once to the right, you'll find your location filters. So no matter where you are, it'll pick up on your location and it'll pull up these filters that show the city that you're in. so these are the ones that I'm getting. There's also other filters like time, temperature and lots of other things as well as colour filters too, just like Instagram

Add Music To Snapchat
Add Music To Snapchat
So, if you go back to just the plain screen, let's say you want to add text to your photo, you can go to the text button up here, say you want to say "hi" and then you can add a little emoji here. And then if you hit the text again, it'll post just like this, if you hit the text button again it'll make it bigger and it'll enlarge the emoji as well. And you can change the colour of your font really easily on the side.I'm gonna teach you guys how to upload music and send it to your friends and I'm not talking about when you're in your car blasting music, and you're just taking snap videos or if you're listening to something on TV or on your laptop or your stereo speakers I'm talking about something high-quality music to your friends where they can actually hear.

How to Add Music To Snapchat

what you're playing and not just loud noises static or just something that's very unclear it only takes two easy steps you just need to have music on your phone and snapchat so let's get on the phone and let me teach you how to do this in order How to Add music to snapchat.

What You Need to Do:
  • Access the music that's already on your phone so let's go do that 
  • Pick a song start playing it 
  • Then go straight to snapchat
  • Start recording the video 
  • Now You Can Successfully Add Music To Snapchat
How to Add Music To Snapchat
How to Add Music To Snapchat
So it starts recording the music. I'm just gonna let this play and not say much at all so once you've recorded that all you need to do is go back to your music and pause it and all you need to do is go back to Snapchat and here's the final product I'm just like this playing not saying much, so that's the best way to send high-quality music to your friends.