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AdFree Android Apk Free Download

AdFree Android Apk Best App to Block Annoying ads in Android. You can block Ads With Multiple Apps Like Adaway Also You can Do it manually But in Manually is Difficult. Adfree Android Apk is Best option to Block Ads in Android. how to block ads in all of your Android apps without root or excess battery drain now a few different Android Apps to popped up recently let you Block Ads without root by using AdFree Android Apk system they Actually work pretty well to block Ads in simple way.

AdFree Android Apk Free Download

AdFree Android Apk

    1. Periscope - Live Video APK Android App Download 
    2. Photo Grid App Download
    3. Prisma App For Android Download
    Change Log AdFree Android Apk
    • 0.8.0 Added background image
    • 0.8.2 Added Mongoose, mini web server, and tcpdump to sniff DNS requests
    • 0.8.7 Added code to silently update the host file
    • 0.8.14 Start TCP dump if enabled when network connection is established
    • 0.8.20+ Fixed support for low dpi devices (< 160 dpi)
    • 0.8.36+ Added option to wipe TCPdump log
    • 0.8.38+ Added prompt to boot normally, or immediately switch to the TCPdump screen
    • 0.8.40+ restart TCPdump if needed after wiping the log
    • 0.8.42+ fixed webserver listening mistake
    • 0.8.50+ fixed permissions on tcpdump file so the app can now read output on android 4+
    • 0.8.52+ fixed text size on tcpdump screen for high res phones
    • 0.8.54+ Updated app to point to new thread on xda
    • 0.8.56+ Updated Russian translation
    • 0.8.58+ Added option to skip boot screen prompt, tweaked UI, in-app update checks
    • 0.8.60+ Fixed IP entry, tweaked the UI to use default device theme
    • 0.8.62+ Fixed authentication issue
    • 0.8.64+ Background app update check, fixed de spelling mistake and one small display mistake.
    • 0.8.66+ Updated expiry time-out.
    • 0.8.68+ Removed 'too old' expiry time out
    • 0.9.0 Swapped webservers so hostnames "blocked" can be logged and shown in Adfree.
    • 0.9.1 updated webserver config
    • 0.9.2 the path to the web server config file wasn't right and so nothing was logging correctly
    • 0.9.3 allows people to view duplicates in the block list, and displays time stamps, and fixes the webserver restart after wiping the log file.
    • 0.9.4 reverses the order of the block list, and shows the latest log entries first, regardless if you show all entries or just the unique ones.
    • 0.9.5 applied the same reverse log ordering to the tcpdump screen
    • 0.9.6 the app can now auto upgrade itself, and menu items were added to switch between the block list and the tcpdump screens
    • added ACCESS_SUPERUSER permission to hide a warning in SU, which shows a device warning on Android 4.x+
    • 0.9.7 The auto upgrade of the app will only happen if the auto update checkbox is ticked
    • 0.9.8 updated French translation thanks to Micks29, and fixes symlink support for android 4.4 thanks to Davis.


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