Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk Free Download

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk Free Download My durability tests have become a rite of passage of sorts for every new smart phone that comes out, and this brand new flagship from Samsung is no different. I’ll put it through a few years worth of abuse in just a few minutes. I’ll make sure the phone can survive the test of time and see if the S8 is worth the investment for those concerned with durability. 

Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher
Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher

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    This orchid gray color is the one lucky enough to end up on my desk; a new color variation for this round of smart phone. It’s nice to see something different than the standard black, gold and silver that pretty much every manufacturer has. The phone is cold and solid feeling in my hand so we’re off to a good start. The scratch test is always first. My Mohs picks do a pretty good job of seeing how scratch resistant the screen is. Plastic screens, like the Galaxy S7 Active would scratch at a level 3. 

    Samsung S8 Launcher Apk
    Samsung S8 Launcher Apk
    Last year’s Galaxy S7 Edge scratched at a level 6, which is pretty much the standard for smart phones at the moment. A sapphire screen would get into the levels 8 or 9 on the hardness scale, and I’m working on getting my hands on one of those phones, but they are pretty rare. The good news is the Gorilla Glass 5 on this Galaxy S8 scratched at a level 6, so your normal keys and coins won’t do any damage to this glass. There is no physical home button on the bottom of this screen. Aesthetically, it looks pretty sweet. I’m a fan of the larger screen size taking up the whole front face.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk For Android

    we're going to take a look at the S8 launcher for all sensing devices running on Android Beam that so Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk works on all Samsung devices which are running on Android nougat so it will work on a samsung galaxy s6 on the s6 edge on the s6 edge+ on the note 5 on the seven and s7 edge it might also work on the Samsung Galaxy s3 so it will basically work on all Samsung devices which are ready running on Android 7.0 and Android.

    Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher 2Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher

    Steps to install the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk:
    • Download the Samsung Galaxy S8 Launcher Apk below
    • 2Clear Stock launcher "Touchwiz Home" data and cache from settings.
    • Install apk
    • If launcher crashes, clear data and cache again.
    • Press Home button it should work.