How To Change Font Display On Android Phone

There are several ways to Change Font Display On Android . If you are interested please check out the following reviews. Android mobile phone operating system has advantages when compared to other phones because it is easy in oprek. No wonder the sales of Android phones in recent years continue to increase significantly. One of the perks of Android phones is that it can change the look of the font as we see Awesome.

How To Change Font On Android Phone

For Android phone users Samsung Galaxy Series Change The font on your phone is very easy, and do not bother. Just follow these short steps:

How To Change Font Display On Android

For Android Unroot (Samsung Galaxy Series device only):
  • Download and install Fontomizer app in Google play. 
  • Open Fontomizer app. 
  • Choose the appropriate font you want to use. 
  • The last step that you do is restart your phone. 
  • Done.

If you are not a user of Samsung Galaxy Series, you do not need to be discouraged, because all mobile phone Android operating system can change the shape of the font as desired. Here are the steps
  • Make sure your device has got Super User access. Regarding how Root can be found in google. 
  • Download and install the Font installer font application in Google play. 
  • Open the Font installer app and then allow the app to access your phone system. 
  • Open, and run the installer font application. 
  • Select the font on the server tab, install and restart. 
  • Done.

If you are satisfied with the fonts provided by the installer font application you can add new fonts in the following way:

  • Download fonts with ttf format. which you want to use on your phone. 
  • Open the application Font installer => Select tab local => Select the font that you downloaded earlier => Install and restart your phone. 
  • Done.