What is Difference Between Android and Windows

Here We Are Sharing difference between android and windows in a list of 10 super cool and awesome things that your android phone can do but your laptop or computer can’t. The things which computer can’t perform are just a cup of tea for smartphones. (Android Vs. Windows)

Difference Between Android and Windows

difference between android and windows

Mobile Applications:

  • A windows computer doesn’t provide you any facility to run mobile applications and as we know mobile applications are much awesome then of windows. In android phones you can easily search, download and use applications. The size of applications is also very much smaller.

Safety And Security:
  • Smartphones are much more secured as compared to computers and laptops. Because there is always a danger of viruses in computers and laptops.

  • Yup, you can call from your laptops too. But is it as easy and reliable and cheap as like calling from mobile phones? No is the answer. It may seem the most basic feature but you can’t survive without it and mobile phones in this case are a way more awesome for calling.

  • Most persons doesn’t like their desktops much because the desktops and laptops can be used by other people too. But you phone gives you a special personalization feature so that your device can’t be used by others. You can always use passwords in your laptops and desktops but you can’t resist everyone to access your computer. But this is not the case in phones, you can always say to other person that this is my phone and you are not allowed to use it.

Mobile Wallet:
  • Essentially you can use mobile wallets on your computers too but mobile wallets are specially made for smartphones only. Using mobile wallets you can pay your bills and do payments by using your mobile.

Use It Like A Remote Control:
  • BY using the application you can use your android device to control many other devices that can be paired with your smartphone. You can use it to control your TV, Fridge and other equipment easily.

  • You can take selfies by using your computer’s web camera. But is it as clear as from your phone? Or can you take a selfie everywhere by your laptop? You got it this one thing is possible by mobile camera.

Portable Device:
  • Mobiles are much more portable than your laptops. Place it in you pocket and now can carry them everywhere you go.

No Problems And Uncomfortable Feelings:
  • You have to install windows in you computers. Windows can get corrupted and you have to install it again. This is not the case in android phones as they come with pre-installed OS. You don’t need to install it again even if you want to do a factory reset.

All in One Device:
  • Smartphone is an all in one device which lets you call, message, check and receive emails by just being in your pocket. So, it becomes an all in one device.