Monument Valley Apk/App Download Latest Version for Android & IOS

Monument Valley Apk Download is a puzzle game developed by ustwo games. Monument Valley Apk Download is available at play store for about 3.6$. Monument Valley Apk free download is available here at the bottom. In monument app download, there are more than fifteen levels which you can solve. These levels have hidden paths, mysterious creatures, confusing monuments without of the world architecture and optical illusions.

Monument Valley Apk

Monument valley apk has received an awesome response by various players and some have even said that this game is very addictive. The graphics on this game is just amazing, elegant and the runtime of this game is so smooth. Monument Valley is supported by almost every device. Monument Valley Apk is one of the best games you can download and pass your time. We also believe if you love puzzle’s then this can be your all time favorite game. So, make sure you don’t get addicted to it.

Monument Valley Apk/App Download For Android

Monument Valley app is a very simple and addictive to play. With each level, you cross you will find the different environment and tactics. In the game, the main motive is to find the exit to next level which is carefully hidden using illusions and mysterious architectures. The game has gorgeous designs using a minimalist design of course 3d. It also has a sound which is simply calm and suits the game well. Using headphones while playing this game is always recommended. Monument valley Apk also supports cloud save so that you can save all your files across multiple devices. It is also optimized for tablets so people having tablets can also enjoy this game. New levels are also added in monument valley time to time. you can also download monument valley for pc.

Monument Valley App Download


Monument valley has won the best design game award many times. Monument valley is rated number one game for both android and ios many times by various online publishers. Monument valley is soon going to add many new levels into it and various new soundtracks. The games get updated frequently so that you don’t miss a thing. So what are you waiting for download monument valley Apk for android or iPhone now and have a good time?

Monument Valley Apk Best Features:

  • Easy to play and user-friendly interface.
  • 3D Graphics and UI.
  • Levels can be added later in game purchase.
  • Test your problem-solving skills.
  • Highly addictive.
  • Amazing soundtracks.
  • Works on all Major Operating systems
  • Almost every device is compatible.
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Monument Valley Apk/App Download Latest Version

We have also added the game installation video for better understanding which you can see in the video linked below. So now you can watch the video too for installing monument valley Apk download on to your android os device.Here we have provided the latest version of monument valley apk download for android app link for free. You can download monument valley apk from below link, we have also added monument valley google play store link so that you can buy monument valley. This is the latest version of monument valley. The other versions of monument valley will be available soon for download.