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GO Launcher is a completely free app with no charge. A great thing concerning this Go Launcher Prime Android Apk launcher is that it permits you to use themes from different launchers also. Go Launcher Prime represents a completely different direction of using or customizing a launcher. Nova Launcher is among the most popular and highly effective launcher alternatives for. The majority of these launchers also have a completely free version with limited capabilities. The Go Launcher Prime Android takes an extremely different approach from the remainder of the lot, and it boasts of an extremely simple non-clunky interface.

Latest Go Launcher Prime Android Apk Free Download

Go Launcher Prime Android
Handling an Android phone is a distinctive experience. GIve your cell phone a bit of color. You may even set how many screens you wish to have. When it has to do with the home screen, you've roughly the very same options as Go Launcher Prime Android, with the capacity to edit transition effects, add numerous screens, and edit the dock to your heart's content with as much as 15 individual apps. Hit the button and you're prepared to go. The widget menu is readily accessible and extremely helpful. As the very best residence monitor substitute, it is going to supply you with many first-ever choices to customise your private home screen expertise. There's no decision to delete or substitute the shortcut for something different.


Go Launcher Prime Android Apk

You'll observe the prior Upgrade to Prime option is currently gone. It's possible to download Go Launcher Prime Android complete version from our website and find another app. If you opt for the paid version of this app then it is possible to customize your If you desire the complete version of this launcher then you should have to cover it.

Features Go Launcher Prime Android Apk

  • Remove Ads to ensure pure & clean user interface
  • Side dock to switch between running tasks
  • Wallpaper filters enable you to transform every moment into arts
  • 6+ Transition animations to show off & wow your friends
  • 3D transition: cloth, crystal, snake; crossfade, fly-in, curve, page turn
  • Security lock to lock apps & protect privacy
  • More gestures to quickly access to apps, contacts, settings
  • Swipe up, rotate CCW, and rotate CW
  • More premium functions are coming...

Go Launcher Prime Android Apk Free Download

You need to pay up in case you wish to delight in Go Launcher Prime to the fullest. Launcher Apps are famous for keeping a cache of many megabytes when it's just a few hundred KB in dimension. The widgets which arrive with this desktop environment, bring in a good deal of additional functionality. It brings in lots of useful plugins too, which help to better manage your cell phone.

Go Launcher Prime Android Apk Free Download Latest Version