Package Disabler Pro Apk Free Download (Latest)

Android Mobiles not allow to remove some system but user not use it and its just useless for users. Package Disabler Pro Apk is allow to delete unwanted apps from your android mobile specially samsung phones. you need to install Package Disabler in your android and you can remove any application.

Package Disabler Pro Latest version you can delete and block apps updation. simply with one click you can remove application disable any Package (no Root Required). google have minimum 6 apps you cant delete from your phone normally like gmail google chrome google play services google play store google plus.

Package Disabler Pro Apk Download

if your phone have 1 GB ram you can install just one or two application more in your android and you need to keep unwanted apps from google. Package Disabler Pro Apk is one of the best solution for this type condition download it and install in your android.

Package Disabler

this app just able to make your own decision with your android phone you can block even google apps from your android and make your phone as you want and its not required rooted phone.  Latest Package Disabler Pro Apk provide import and export setting file in your memory you can setup as you want and make a backup and you can Reset your setting with just uploading a backup file.

Package Disabler Pro latest Apk

Always when you change setting make a backup file its good for you if you make setting some wrong and you want to reset and not remember whats you change in Package Disabler Pro App so in condition you need a backup file and just upload and its make your phone reset(Reset like when you make backup file)

Package Disabler Pro Apk download

when you update your phone please enable all packeges and update your android phone and when update end you can change or block all unwanted apps packages with your backup file (if you make).

Important: Always make a backup file Important features might break when disabling system apps

in bk package disabler pro apk you can check all blocked and working apps with filter change filter and see list blocked and running apps. in this app you can disable all android services and please make sure when you disable anything and its really make a problem for you if you disable without knowing what is this and if you not know what is this not disable (just disable apps as you know its useless and you want to remove) 

Package Disabler Pro

this app just work as you set it and not make any setting auto and Remember always make a backup file. 

Package Disabler Pro Apk (Full version) Features

  • Disabling and enabling any packages or apps unlimited
  • One click bloatware removal
  • Export your disabled list to the external storage to import them later
  • Batch operation to enable all disabled packages
  • Filter to show all disabled packages
  • Uninstall / password protection
  • Filter to show all installed apps
  • Filter to show all system packages

Some apps when you install in your android phone its make your full with ads (annoying ads). if you have this type condition please report on google your this step other user save from this type apps but if you want to remove apps and your android not allow to you can Download Package Disabler Pro Apk And install your android and make your android as you want (remove unwanted apps)